Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It is long overdue...

"Kacey!  Kacey!  Brandee, where's Kacey?"
"She's on break, Tom."
"Oh.  Where's Kacey?"
"On break."
"When's she coming back?"
"When her break is over."
"Kacey's my bud."

enter: Kacey.

"KACEY!  You made it!"

I love that guy.  Tom (name has been changed) has this huge thing with me.  As soon as I leave, he starts asking the nearest Staff, which is usually Brandee because one of her individuals is almost always in the bathroom and my table is right next to the bathroom, where I am and when I'll be back.  And as soon as I get back he'll throw his arms in the air and say, "KACEY! YOU MADE IT!" Like I'd been on the verge of death or something.  And if I was, all I'd have to do is think of that and I'd come right back to life.  He just makes me laugh and feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  We are good chums.  If he ever goes on trips that I don't go on, every other thing he says is, "Where's Kacey?  When are we going to pick her up?" Awww... someone misses me!

Here are some other funny ones I've heard/ seen.

A tall man from the other department sees me coming out of the changing room, stops me and says, in all seriousness: "He is using bad words."
"Uh oh."
"Yeah, I told him we don't use bad words. Because there are womans here."

Yup. Womans.

The same man today hugged his peer and said "Guess what I'm going to be for Halloween!"
"What???" the other responded enthusiastically.  "I'm going to be a mousy!"
His peer takes a second, cocks his head and says, "A mousy?"  The best part was, another peer, a woman (not to be confused with womans) smacked his arm and said, "Duh. A mousy."

Another thing that happened this morning:

One of the individuals here, let's call her Susan, was in our department one minute, then she was gone the next.  I looked around wildly and said, "Where's Susan?" Another Staff said, "She's in bathroom number two." I calm down.  Uh duh Kacey.  She's independant in the bathroom so she doesn't write her name on the outside like a Staff would.  Then Brandee comes up with one of her guys (told you she's always by the bathrooms...) and says, "Is there anyone in here?" knocking on bathroom two.  I say, "Yeah, Susan." She opens the door a bit, pokes her head in, looks around and says to me, "No, there's no one in here."  Panic starts to set in as I realize that Susan has been off the floor for at least the five minuts I thought she was in the bathroom. Crystal, the Staff that told me she was in there in the first place, exclaimed, "What? THat's impossible!  I saw her go in!" At that very second both Brandee and I look back at the bathroom and Susan is standing in the doorway. "Hellloooooooo!" she crooned in her shakey old lady voice, as per usual.  I nearly wet my pants it startled me so badly.  Brandee almost dropped the individual she had.  Susan was apparently throwing her paper towel away behind the door the first time we looked in. But it was spooooookkkyyyyyy....

My life has been up and down lately.  My car keeps giving me heck.  I applied for auto loans at my two banks (Wells Fargo and US Bank), but both rejected me on no previous debt.  Yeah, my credit score is good... I just have no comperable debt experience.  To quote one of the bankers working with me, "How dare you live within your means and not incurr debt!"  Right?  So I applied at this one federal credit union here in Reno that one of my friends got her loan at.  I didn't actually expect them to approve.  THey didn't exactly- they gave me a counter offer. $10,000, with the stipulation that $10,000 is 80% of the Kelly Blue Book value of the car. The highest APR (which is only if the car is the oldest it can be) is 4.99%, going down with the age of the car. I feel like there was one more stipulation.  Hmmm.  I don't remember.  I'm gunna go talk to the banker today.  Hopefully I can find a car that fits all those qualifications and is tons better than the car I have now.  Which is in the shop.  Again.  Shocker.  It hates me. Sigh.  Ma pauvre Amandine...

Anyway.  Lunch is almost over.  I've gotta study some more tonight for the GRE.  Then it's my birthday party.  I was supposed to go shopping with Felipe to help him put together a costume (he just wanted to buy one, how silly! Thrift Stores are the way to go!) but my test studying is taking precedence.  He understands.  He's a stricter studier than I am.


La fin.

"Brandee!  Where's Kacey?"