Saturday, November 22, 2008

So, I'm sitting here in Provo, tummy full and fat, and just getting excited about the holidays. You know, I'm not the kind of person to just sit back and only count my blessings once a year, but now seems like a more than appropriate time to do so.

I'll sart with my family. I'm so grateful for my family. I can't even begin to express the love I have for my family. For my dad, cause he's so silly and so serious at the same time. Today Michayla and I were talking about Dad and how his ultimate insult is "twit!" Yup, just like that. Without the exclamation point, it means nothing. When Dad ever called someone a twit!, I knew he was serious. Thank goodness I've never been called one! Or, so I think... Next is Maman. Oh that woman knows me too well. The one thing I'll pick to mention here is her honesty. I've always been able to trust my mother's word (except at Christmas and birthdays). Whether I'm asking her opinion on a blouse or a boy, she is always honest and upfront. Because of her example, I now find my first reflex to be telling the truth... Now, Brandon and Sarah. Brandon I am grateful for because he set such a good example for me. I never had to wonder what was right and wrong-- Brandon was the supreme example my entire childhood. Now, that's not to say that his way and my way are always the same, but we are both working towards the same thing. Sarah, his wife and my cute prego cher seour, is funny and encouraging. I love her for making Brandon so happy and for being herself no matter what. Sarah and I can sometimes bash heads, but it's only because we're so alike. Two strong willed people do not always mix well :)-- but that's why she married Brandon, and not me, lol... Dustin and Tara are next. Dustin is the one who looks the most like me, thus making me visually reconizable as his sister. I used to hate being asked if I was "Dustin's little sister" (or brother as the msitake was once made). But as I got into high school and singles wards, I found this to be an advantage. Dustin had a reputation as a cool guy that was a hard worker. He was like the starter for my sourdough. Tara, his also cute and prego wife, is a funny lady. She always seems interested in my life and what's going on. She has the ability to include me in things and not make it awkward. I appreciate that fact a lot... Michayla. Ah, Michayla. The one thing I'll pick to say for her (because I could write pages and pages for Michayla) is one of the most Christlike people I know. She can make me laugh, and cry. She and I are very different, yet when given a chance to come down to Provo and visit her, I jump at it. Who do I love to hang out with? Michayla... Tori Lynn, my dear, first younger sister. I remember when Tori was born. Dad paraded us all into the hospital room and said "Everyone, this is Tooooorrrriiiiii," and we all repeated, "Tooooorrriiiiiiii". This is one of my earliest memories, and I'm glad that it is. I love "Torpee". She cracks me up, and I can never seem to anticipate her next funny. She was also a good example for me: she never wavered in good and bad. There was no grey, only a strong bold line. I've never been like that, but I aspire to be that way someday... Kitty Rose. She is a source of entertainment as well as an unlikely mirror. When I look at Kit these days, I see myself. She makes me be more compassionate and less judgmental, because everytime I see her do something silly, I know that I did the exact same thing when I was her age. Something about that is just priceless to me... Joseph. Ah, Joseph. This little boy has taught me SO much! He makes me smile and play. I love how he runs up to me and says "Kacey!" and hugs me tightly. It makes me feel SOO loved! And then, of course, he tackles me to the ground and says, "Now I have someone to wrestle with!" Joseph has taught me a lot about patience-- gosh that boy used to drive me up the wall! But I've learned more about myself and my limits through him...

I know this longer than most people will read, but I must go on. I'm grateful for my church, the true and everlasting gospel. I'm grateful for everything it has brought into my life, such as: a relationship with my Heavenly Father; a knowledge of my Savior and His true Atoning sacrifice; the knowledge that families can be together forever through the sealing power in temples; the knowledge that God still leads His church today; the ability to recieve revelation for myself; the wonderful school I attend; and... last, but certainly not least... the Book of Mormon.

Next: My friends. Every friend and roommate I've had has taught me something, about myself or others. I love each of them and I am grateful for all that they have brought into my life.

I'm grateful for Ben... even though it was a short season, I knew what it was like to love and be loved in return. Along those lines, I am also grateful for Jeff. He showed me, after terrible hearbreak, that not every man is alike, and that just because a relationship doesn't work, doesn't mean that it's my fault.

I'm grateful for all the earthly things I have in my life, and that my father has provided for me all these years. I'm also grateful that he taught me how to work for myself, and that he hasn't given me my every desire-- he makes me work for things, and pay for them myself. And for that, I am grateful.

I'm grateful for oranges, tangerines in the cold December fog, dogs, cats, and all manner of beast (hahahaha-- see, something from BOM class stuck with me). I'm grateful for children and all their cuteness, as well as their meekness, and willingness to submit to that which the father doth command. I'm grateful for work, for singing, for dancing, for clay, for paint, for marble, for dirt. I'm grateful for bugs and spiders-- except the scary poisenous ones. I'm grateful for both sets of my grandparents and the different things they have tought me. I'm grateful for love, joy, peace, and the Holy Ghost. I'm grateful for warm fuzzy feelings, attractive men, and even those not so attractive men that win your heart over with kidness, humor, and honesty. I'm grateful for those women who show our devine attributes. I'm grateful for talents, for TV, for movies, for family time, for every religion that leads people to Christ, and for diversity. I'm grateful for President Monson.

All in all, I'm grateful for life, all those good and bad things included.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.


Tina said...

KACEY! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair! Oh and you too :)! we definately had an unique relationship, whenever I think about it I smile... ahhh thanks for being you ;)!

Tara and Dustin Barros said...

That was such a great post!

Laurabelle said...

Hey gorgeous lady! I love your blog! Let's be blog buddies. :)

Kaeli said...

I am thankful for....YOU!!!