Monday, October 12, 2009

quelq'une qui m'a dit

So Heavenly Father really REALLY wants me to appreciate going on a mission. Here's how my mission paper process has been going:

It really started the first Sunday of school. I cornered my bishop that first day at church. His response was "Talk to me next Tuesday and we'll set up an appointment."
Okay. Cool.

Next Tuesday, I corner him again and he says, "Why don't we meet a week from today?"
Okay. Cool.

I show up a week from then. Everyone and their Aunt Suzy showed up, so I had to wait in another line. Finally, I get in and have a chat with my Obispo. We talk, and he says, "I'd really like to call your previous Bishop and make sure you are as worthy as you say you are."
Okay. I get that. I know people in Fresno who move from ward to ward to try and escape their unworthiness. And I knew my old bishop would have nothing bad to say.
"When will we meet next, Bishop?"
"October 11."
Nearly 3 weeks.
Okay. Cool.

Yesterday, we meet, I get interviewed, and my bishop gives me the green light, but says, before I start celebrating, that he has to get Stake President approval before he can open my papers. That surprised me. "Why?" I asked. He explained that President McGary is a little gun shy when it comes to sending missionaries out, so he requires that all the bishops in the stake get his approval before starting papers. "You'll probably be fine," he says. "But I'm not going to lie-- President McGary surprises me sometimes; especially when it comes to mission papers."

So, Bishop Hancock has given me the green light, and IF he gets approval, I'll have my papers opened by Sunday.


So yes, I'll truly appreciate going on a mission.


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Random Coolness said...

who's aunt suzie? She's in your ward?