Monday, July 26, 2010

Who wants to live forever?

Hallllloooooooooo real world!! How are you??  I miss you all!!!!

I shall start this week's email with a funny story that happened not long after I wrote last weeks email.  My companion was looking for clear packing tape here, which is called "scotch" in french (you know, like scotch tape?).  Well, she had to hunt down an employee, and finally finds one in the alcoholic beverages corner of the store (yes, corner, an aisle would not suffice in france).  She tried to explain what she was looking for and said "it's like scotch, but thicker!"  The man looked at her and his face looked like he finally understood her question.  He said "oh!  You mean Whisky!"

Ha;  No.  But still funny!!!

I have the world's best district leader ever.  Every night we call him to tell him one of our miracles, and he alsways receives them with great enthusiasm and laughter (our miracles always have a funny part in them).  On tuesday we made him try a new patissery, and he loved it.  Then, we needed him to buy timbres for my medical visit the next day.  Usually, you can buy them at a Tabac, which is kind of like an american liquer store/ convenience store.  We hunted all over town to find these stupid timbres, but couldn't find them.  We had to go to a RDV and Elder Clawson, my DL, was going to catch a train back to Alençon, his ville.  But what does he do?  Without even thinking about it, he loks at his companion and says, "Elder Ingram, do you mind if we catch the 6 oclock train and stay here in caen to buy timbres?"  Elder Ingram apparently didn't mind, and they just missed the NEXT TWO TRAINS to help us, while we rushed off to a RDV.  And you know what?  That night when we called to see if he found some, all he could say were really positive things about the afternoon and told us a few small miracles that happened that evening in Caen.  God bless people like Elder Clawson; the world needs more of them.

My companion and I are doing well.  One thing we love is inside jokes, and it's always tricky around other people.  But one stoyr she loved that I told her was the "horses eat berries" story.  She loves the phrase so much she says she's going to start using it.  So, everyone hear this:  If you hear somone on the street, or on TV, or in a lovie, say "horses eat berries" in response to a non sequiter, know that I, Kacey Barros, started that when I was TEN.  I don't care if someone else claims that.  My whole family can back me up.
Gosh I really hiope it does spread all over the place and ends up in a movie or something.  I'll feel very cool.

I went to synagogue this week.  Yup, Jewish church.  One of the people the Elders teach English to here is a Rabbi.  He ninvited us all to syngagogue.  it was pretty much rockin.  Everyone else was totally bored and had headaches after all the hourse of hebrew singing, including my poor companion, but I loved it.  I could have sat there all morning.  And then, after that, we went to an African Christian activity that one of our amis had organized and had invited us to.  We thought if we went to her thing she would come to one of ours.  So we went, and it was crazy weird/ cool.  Very christian group.  Very loud.  And there were only 5 people there.  SOOO loud.  People wandered around the room shouting their prayers to the heavens.  Soeru Woyak and I just stood there (they made us stand up), and smiled blankely at NO ONE, because everyone was praying with their eyes closed and wandering around the room.  It's a wonder no one ran into anything.

Our amis are doing well.  The one that had the African Revival type deal was Scholar, and she is still, slowly but surely, reading the book of Mormon.  She still has concerns and questions, but she's not stopping, like she did every other time.  Patricia is getting BAPTIZED this saturday, and I have to give a talk (eek! i always forget about that thing!)  Yan has kind of plateaud.  But I blame that on the fact that her friend saw her book of mormon and told her to stay away from us, that we're a cult, and that we believe a whole bunch of crap that we don't believe.  She came to our RDV, told us what happened, and asked us if any of it was true.  She kept saying "And wghen she told me that, I thought ' the soeurs never told me that!'"  And we explained that it was because it's not true.  She's going to need time, space, and faith.  Ah Yan.  You have such potential.

My companion discovered that she might be allergic to gluton.  SO I told her that if she wanted to, I' support her in cutting out all gluton by participating with her in the diet change.  She's super greatful, and I'm like "whatev.  I've done it before."  Well, practially, anyway.  So I made us a calander to put stickers on when we make it a whole day without gluton.  I nemaed it our calendrier de nourriture.  I tried to put gluton first, but ended up putting glutton on accident.  Which is kind of funny because I've been eating everything I can like crazy to fill the whole that bread and crazckers and stuff like that left in my stomach.

The work is coming.  It's hard sometimes to want to be here for another 16 months, but I can do it.  Oh yeah, Saturday was my 4 month anniversary of being a missionary.  Coincidentally, Elder Draleau called us that day, asking Soeur Woyak where an old ami lives.  Luckily it was my day to be the phone master, so I got to talk to him for a bit.  I told him happy anniversary us, and he said i can't believe we're both still alive.  Moi non plus.  Me neither.  but we are.  And he said something like "only 14 more to go for you!" but that's not true.  I'm going home the late transfer, because sister mlissionaries hit the 18 month mark in the middle of transfers, and so I'm supposedly going home on the 11 of october next year, and so I actually have 15 months left.  Yeah.  I'm tired.

Okay.  Love you all.  Pray for me.  Pray for Michayla.  And write me.

Sister Kacey Barros

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