Thursday, August 16, 2012

Blast from the past...

I found my first journal.  I loved finding this old journal.  My parents were BRILLIANT to do this.  I'm totally doing this for my kids.  And here is why:

This is the very first entry I dictated to Dad on April 5, 1992. 

"Kacey is my name.  I like to jump on the trampoline and on Michayl's bed when Tori is laying down on it.  Today I went to Cheryl Anderson's house and played as my mom and dad watched General Conference. 

Grandma Carlee took four of us to McDonalds.  I got a hamburger, some fries, and a drink of soda.  I like McDonalds and I go to the Pizza store.  I eat pizza with fries at the Pizza store.  I took my Barbie to the Pizsa store. It was hot.

I like to talk to Grandpa David.
Grandpa David gave us a talk and a puppy.  We call the puppy "RJ" (which stands for Rusty Junior).

I like to play with RJ at our home.  He bites me on the leg and makes me scream.  I then hit him on the head.  He cries just a little tiny bit.

We washed the Blazer yesterday.

We watched a movie about Ninja Turtles.

Mary Beth came over to my house this week.  When she was here we played horsey land.  While Mary Beth was here I changed into another girl.

I like to play with Tori and Mary Beth.

I like to play with RJ."

Some of my favorite quotes that only a child could get away with:

"Kelsy's mom, Sister Edgin, and she's got eyes and a whole head about her, was my teacher."

"The girls got the master bedroom downstairs.  It's VERY big!  The boys made the stairs.  We slide down the stairs.  Heavenly Father made the world."

"We moved already.  This is an old house."

"Mommy is silly."

"We went to the store.  Tor-pee (Tori) went with us."

"Tomorrow will be Brandon's 2nd day at school.  And blue track started and my friend Kathleen from the airport goes to my class.  She always late on the playground.  I always see the teacher and know she is there."

"My Dad told me on the phone she had a baby girl.  Kathryn, my baby sister, is so cute that everyone in my class will want to hold her.  She likes when everybody holds her.  She sleeps a lot.  She barely even eats, but mostly sleeps.  When she sleeps she acts like a statue and stays very still."

Sigh.  Life was good as a kid.


Tara said...

haha cute. I read this to Dustin and we had a good laugh. :) Dustin wants to know if you ever turned back into Kacey?

Dyanna Stephens said...

I love this.

Kacey Kate said...

To Tara: NEVER!!! lol.