Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I'm not dead...

Apparently Mom tried to call me like three times since Christmas. It wasn't until Sunday night that I actually saw that I received a call from her. Yeah. My phone hates me. Felipe's phone hates me too... at least I used to think so.  I'm starting to believe that it's all my phone's fault... for example, he won't get half my texts.  Here's a story from Sunday night that illustrates that perfectly:

My toothache was at its worst. I was bawling, almost drowning out the neices' bawling in the room next to mine. Dustin and Tara tried to figure out some remedies, when I text Felipe "Do you have consecrated oil?" I HATE asking for blessings. And Felipe was in a meeting, so I hate texting him while he's busy. I don't know why, I just do. Dustin didn't have any oil, and I knew that in a desperate situation he could give me a blessing without it. But Felipe promptly texted back, "Yes I do." I sent him a text saying that I needed a blessing ASAP because I was in terrible pain and none of the medication I'd downed was helping. Twenty minutes later, I was still waiting for a reply. I start crying for a whole new reason thinking I've somehow offended him by asking for a blessing and I'm so stupid and my prayers should be enough and blah blah blah. Despair. It's amazing how quickly I reach that point when I'm in massive pain. Anyway, the stuff Dustin got me started helping so I text him and say "never mind. It's going to be fine." Fifteen minutes after that I get a call from Felipe. In a cheerful voice he says, "SO who needs the oil?"

"Are you serious?"

"Uhhh, yes...."

"I did."


"You didn't get my texts did you..."


Yeah. I'm starting to think it's my phone that's defective. The moral of the story is, if it's an emergency, even if he's in a meeting, I'm supposed to call him if I need a blessing. He says no matter what. Okay. Lesson learned. Never trust the phone.

Funny story though, Clove oil was the thing that made my excruciating pain go away. I tried major pain killers, including benzocaine (liquid orajel). But onle eugenol (a.k.a clove oil) did anything significant. I'm all for trying natural things. But holy moley, I never expected an oil to help that much that instantly! This does explain, however, why I think that cloves taste like the dentist.

Hahahaha, our dog totes licked my plate of crush cloves. We know because he had this aweful look of horrer on his face as he stuck his tongue out like fifty times. Serves him right for getting on the counter and trying to steal food.

Life is good right now. I'm trying to improve my relationships with those at work. I'm also trying to have more charity. Gosh, for someone who loves to love people, I have a seriously hard time being charitable with those I see on a regular basis. 

AND OH EM GEE!  I'm leaving for Texas in a WEEK!!!  WHO'S EXCITED????  I'M EXCITED!!!!!!!!

Oh, here's another funny story from this week. I've been posting pictures of opal engagement rings (anyone who knows me knows that I don't want a diamond, I want an opal) on pinterest. Mom told Dad. She said he had a small heart attack. She waited a bit before she told him, "Allan. Don't worry.  She's done this a couple times before."

"Mom. You know I've been doing this since my engagement broke off. I told myself I'd never settle for a ring I hate again."

"Oh I know," she said slyly. "But don't tell Dad that..."

No, I'm not engaged. Felipe and I have not talked about marriage. I just don't want to be surprised with a ring that I don't like again. In fact yesterday I told Felipe that if we got engaged not to get me a ring; I wanna help pick that out. Instead, I said "Get me a Portuguese grammar book. That'll show that you REALLY want me around for eternity." He laughed. I looked at him seriously and said, "No. Really. I want to help pick it out. If I have to buy it myself to get the ring I want, so be it. Get me the text book."

Anyway. Lunch is almost over. I'd better be off.

Au revoir!


Dyanna Stephens said...

I had no idea you were coming to TX! What part? It's where I live now. If you're anywhere near Dallas we should try to meet up or something. Here's my email (dyanna@jtszone.com) and we can exchange phone numbers or whatever through email.

Larsen Donelle said...

You should've called to ask me about clove oil. I had a dead bone tooth that broke in half the only thing that eased the pain was the clove oil. I hope it gets better soon. And gonna miss you while you visit the Lone Star state. But have fun. You're awesome!! :D