Friday, March 27, 2009

I have a family of blondes...

Just the other day I was trying to explain a blond joke to my Korean student, but he just wasn't getting it. In order to fully understand, I felt that he had to hear a blond joke... problem: I've forgotten all the blond jokes I ever knew!!

Please share some blond jokes with me and help me fill up my repetoire!!

Also, here are some jokes to make you giggle today. :)

"Before the shopper could pay for her groceries with a personal check, I needed her address. 'What's your street name?' I asked. 'I don't have a street name,' she said 'I go by Juanita.'"

This is a sign in a bakery display case in an Oregon restaurant: "Please use tongues, not hands, to remove cookies."

Ever wonder who the genius is who decided to put fire hydrants in al the good parking spots?

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Kit said...

Remember the joke about the potatos? And also the one about the steps to hevean. And I have a new one... How did The blonde sprain her ankle? On the cordless phone. HAHAHAHAHA! I like that one... Yeah so there is also the really old one where she goes into the store and asks for the tv and it was a microwave. Yeah so there is a few... Hope it helps.