Wednesday, April 1, 2009


JCC in St. Anthony:

"Interns will be exposed to many aspects of the JCC St. Anthony residential treatment program including, education, security, student life, medical, and peer group counseling, drug and alcohol counseling, psychological assessment, risk assessment, and aftercare planning. An integral part of this internship involves learning the basics of the Positive Peer Culture treatment modality and being able to demonstrate an understanding of it through appropriate interactions with their assigned student group."

That's the first part of my internship description. I have my first meeting tomorrow to see if I'm a good fit for it, but if all goes well, I start next semester at the JCC!!!

I'm so excited! I did a Family Home Evening with them a few weeks ago, and they blew my mind. These kids have been living sucky and screwed up lives, but here at the JCC, they are learning how to accept resbonsability for their actions and live happier lives. There's just something about the youth that makes me excited and interested.


PS- I'm graduating in DECEMBER!!


Beth said...

I really hope that you get it!!!

Deidra Smith said...

Hey, my Grandma Farley works there as a 'grandma' She works with the wolverines group. She says she is the only white haired grandma there, so if you get the job, you'll have to go over and say hi. I told her that you were hoping for this internship. Anyways, good luck!!