Friday, April 24, 2009

Dear Rose,

Yesterday was my first day at the JCC Internship. Orientation was on Tuesday, and can I just say that the drive home that night was a scary one... I felt so overwhelmed! How was I going to remember which cabins were where? Was I really going to walk around this campus with these kids all around? But yesterday, all those fears were dispelled. I'll still get a little lost, but I feel so safe there.

Because of confidentiality, I can't say much. But I can say that, so far, I've been given the perfect group of boys for my personality. I'm the youngest of the interns and I was assigned the youngest group of boys-- my supervisor calls them the "ankle biters". What I've noticed about these kids is that they are good boys who have done some seriously stupid and bad things. But the first thing I felt, suprisingly enough, was Christ's love for them. I understood how Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ could love every sinner. Four of the boys are the same age as Kit, my little sister, and it gives me the heebie jeebies to know that they were capable of doing what they've done. But it also gives me a chance to see them through different eyes.

I was warned that some of the boys will get attached to me and that I need to keep firm boundries. The oldest boy in the group has already started paying special attention to me: holding out my chair at chow time, introducing me to everyone. He's a nice kid, but I'm going to keep an eye on him...

But don't worry-- I'm not flattered or pleased with their attention at all. I know that they are manipulative and that I posses anatomy that no one else in their group does, which makes me a rare item. I'm not fooled by their acts.

But I still see the goodness in them.




Brandon and Sarah Barros said...

That sounds way cool, Kacey. Good luck!

Deidra Smith said...

Sounds like it could be a very rewarding job. My Grandma always tells us how much she loves the kids out there too. They are 'her' grandkids. That is great that you were able to feel a love for them too.