Saturday, May 2, 2009

I was made for you

I, Kacey Barros, am still sick. Yicky yick yick. My head was super congested on Wednesday, and Thursday morning was Hell, but yesterday was good! And then... the coughing. All day I've been hacking away! TERRIBLE!
I was able to work on my ceramic projects, however, and that was good. A total of five hours was spent in that lab, but it's the funnest homework I've ever had. One of the projects is for my ceramics class. The technique we're learning is coiling, which is pretty much rolling out long snakes and coiling them into a pot or something. I decided to break the mold and made a water fountain. The guidelines are as follows: it must be process evident (you have to be able to tell that I coiled it), and it has to be at least 12" tall or long. I went tall. Now, I had a specific image in my head, but as I was making it, it started to look like... well, it's kinda awkward. I had to fix it unless I wanted my entire class noticing that I had made a fourteen inch phallic symbol. Not so much the image I had in mind. Now it's pretty and almost done! I'll put up pictures after I fire it.

At first my ceramics and sculpture classes were giving me ulcers. These are new skills that I've never had experience with before, and everyone in my classes either have taken a class before, or they're art majors so the scare the bejeezus out of me. But I stopped worrying about it. HA! I'm the worry QUEEN, but I managed to just enjoy myself and do things my own way. As long I'm satisfying myself, then I don't care about the rest. I turn in my first projects that I made with this attitude on Tuesday... we'll see if my teacher agrees. :)


Kaeli said...

I love you and miss being your roommate.

Beth said...

I'm an art major and I don't scare you so don't let those other one scare you either.

Deidra Smith said...

Good attitude, and I hope your project turns out like your hoping. Sorry you are sick, sounds like the same stuff we've had at our house-must be going around town. Hope you get over it faster than me though, I've been 'hacking' for over a week now even though the head congestion went away:( Better luck to you!

Tara Barros said...

I hope you feel better!