Monday, December 14, 2009

Friday, December 18th

Only five days left of undergraduate work, and I still avoid studying by being on blogspot. Funny.

Yup, you heard me. I graduate in five days. Friday I bought a blouse for Graduation. Yesterday I got the nerve to try on my cute little black cap. And today? It's my last sculpture class for who knows how long. EEEK!! I'm going to miss that three hour afternoon class. Okay, not the three hours in the afternoon part. But I'll miss the rest. Not Brother Geddes' horrific and constant teasing and challenging everything I say until I cry. But I'll miss the clay. I'll miss my chance to vent my stale emotions through a medium that doesn't hurt anyone.

I'm already half packed. In fact, all I have left to pack is kitchen and bathroom stuff. One thing I won't miss? Rexburg housing. Honestly. I'm sick of how all this student housing is run. It's like a nazi prison camp without all the privacy a prison camp affords you.

Five more days.

The only class I worry about is my Cognition class. I have to get an 80% on my final to get a C. All I need is a C- to graduate. I'll get at least an 80%, no problem. I find all my cognition tests to be easy, if I put a little study time in. Speaking of which....

Okay. Fine. I'll study.


PS- I dreamt that the Govenator was my body guard, but he failed and this psycho-killer was coming to get me and my child (I don't have a child, in case you were wondering). My interpretation: The idea of California will not protect me from my psycho finals. I need to study.

And get less sleep, apparently.


Tara Barros said...

Yay! almost done! good luck!

Karen said...

One more final for me and then I'm done too!!!! (for about 3 minutes) but I'm going to breath deeply and freely in those 3 short minutes.

Are you reading this? Stop--go study!

Kristen Moss said...

Wow, I am excited for you. Then what???? Isnt that a fun question HAHAHA. I just had to ask.

good timing though for your mission.

Good luck.