Monday, December 7, 2009

Funny how that works...

Last week was terrible. Beyond terrible. First thing was my rant: that rant exemplifies how my friend has been treatin me, and this week I finally got sick of it. I ended up limiting our major contact, and say hi occasionally to him at work. That's all. As hard as it has been, I've noticed a major boost in my self image and confidence. So: good thing. But also hard. Becuase we see each other everywhere. And I don't think he's caught up to the fact that I've massively cut him out of my life. Yup, that's how close we were.

Secondly: My mission papers got sent in. Again. Here's what happened: my stake president and my bishop are not exactly on the same page, which led to my medical forms being lost for three weeks. Yup. All this time I was waiting for my mission call... and now it's going to come after Christmas to California. Which is fine, really. But what a HUGE shock!! That was a crappy day. To top it all off, that same night was my very close friends' engagement party at Craigos. Guess who our mutual friend is? yup. Him. I made Tori come as my date so I would have someone to talk to.

But yesterday during fast and testimony meeting, an inumerous amount of people told the congregation how terrible their week was. After scoffing at the first five, I finally smiled to myself.

Sure, my week was bad. But that doesn't make me anydifferent or any less tried than all those people.

My conclusion was to get off my high-horse and move on.

Updates on how that goes later.

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