Friday, February 19, 2010

Ma vie... ah how boring it is...

No seriously.  I attempt to blog quite frequently.  But everytime I come on, I choke.  What has happened in my life that is worth mentioning?  Not much.  Just a few lessons I guess.

Lesson Number One:  Gossips are very bored people.  I am a very bored person.  I've been caught on more than one occasion spreading stories about people, no matter how true, that really aren't my business, or were told in confidence.  It's been my sister and my mom that catch me.  Now that they've pointed it out enough times, I catch myself.  Why do I tell these stories (which aren't bad stories, but still gossip.  Right?  I think so)?  Because I'm bored with my own life.  So hear this and know: gossips lead very boring lives.

Lesson Number 2:  It's when I have tons of time that I really don't have time.  I hate that about myself.  If I have a very short list of things to do, I don't do it.  Sad.  BUT!  I have discovered that if I write a list down I'm more likely to get it done.  In fact, lists have worked very well for me.  When I went to Grandma's to work this last week, we had a list, and thank goodness for it!  I actually got stuff done without dawdling!

Lesson Number 3:  I'm growing up.  WOW.   I don't say this to be proud or in your face, but I do want to show the small miracles in my life.  I know that some of these may not seem like miracles to you, but I promise they are miracles to me.
             Miracle 1) My favorite pet sin holds very little temptation for me anymore.  I've been presented with multiple opportunities to take part in this sin, but have easily resisted.  Okay, not every time was easy.  But it's getting easier.  And I'm proud of that.
             Miracle 2) I had an immense spiritual experience in an interview with my bishop and have felt no need to justify it to anyone.  This miracle has to do with my decision about when to enter The Lord's House and make sacred covenants.  I don't know why it had to happen this way at this time, but I know that I've learned to see the Lord's will, even if I don't want to :).  But this whole situation about when I should go to the temple has been very charged in my life.  It's not the people closest to me that have been on my case-- they've either been very understanding or very closed-mouthed about it; either way I appreciate it.  But I've been telling those people who push me to do things their way or on their time-table that it's my decision and I'll do it when I feel it's right.  Many of you know how outspoken I am so this may not be a miracle to you.  But I must say, this whole situation has caused me more tears than most guys.  It's been stressfull and pressured and ridiculous.  For no good reason other than I forgot about who's will I should be concerned with. 

Lesson Number 4: Knowing your weaknesses is not a bad thing.  Didn't the Lord say "Come unto me and I will show unto [you] [your] weaknesses"?  I get down on myself and my inability to resist certain sins.  I've begun avoiding certain situations entirely.  At first it made me sad that I had to do that.  But then-- wow.  I realized, through yet another profound experience, that it takes strength to avoid those things.  If I know my limits, then I am being wise in avoiding those fine lines. 

Okay.  Enough preaching.  I'll save the rest of my sermons for the French. 


Kristen Moss said...

WOw, It takes a real grown up to realize some of those things. Wouldnt life be easier if we could have learned things like that when we were younger. All part of the plan I guess.

it is hard to go through, but you will be so much better because of it, I am sure.

Nyssa said...

You just made me feel so much better. I wish I could see you before we both go, maybe we will see each other at the MTC. I would love that.