Monday, August 30, 2010

River oh river flow gently for me, such precious cargo you bear...

I have a fat list and close to no time, so am going to try to do this in an orderly manner.

The louvre didn't happen because we had to wait for elder weed and elder draleau to come pay for my tansport pass thingy, and so I spent the entire p day in a Paris metro station.  Not joking.  But we're going today.  There are no elders to wait for today.

Soeur Lee and I are at war.  She doesn't really know it yet, but we are.  You see, she tells every story she can about the stupid things I've done or the mean things she does to me to EVERYONE, including the young adults we work with and my district.  So, I told a story about her sleep talking is a really flirty way to the JA (jeunes adultes-- young adults) and they LOVED it.  So this morning she recorded my singing in the shower.  This is WAR.

There are a TON of Africans here in Melun.  Some of them only "speak english".  Let me tell you how much of a load of crap that is.  We had a RDV with a guy named Innocent who "speaks english".  Dude, this guy was saying SOMETHING, but it was NOT english.  I tried to keep a straight face the whole time.  I only broke twice.  I turned my laugh into a cough.  It totally worked.

Last week our elevator was possesed.  it took nearly 5 minutes for it to get to our floor, and then as we got on we saw someone had pressed all the buttons.  Jerk.  But as we ascended, each time the light went off, it would turn back on, meaning thazt NO ONE was pressing the buttons.  Th elevator just kept "pressing the buttons".  Freaked me out.

We had a lady slam the door on us.  Actually, she passed out and fell onto her door.  We saved her life by walking her into her living room and laying her on her couch.  As she woke up a little she groaned "see you saturday" (we had just fixed a RDV for saturday).  It was amazing.  We felt like the Grim Reaper Sisters.  Teehee.  Life is good down here.

Both of us and our ward mission leader had to give talks yesterday.  Our leader said 5 minute talks.  But the day before, while doing some service, he told us that our other speaker bailed on us, so we were now all giving 10 minute talks.  WHAT??!!!!  Je peut pas le faire.  But he told me to do it.  So Soeur lee and I stayed up late writing talks.  I woke up extra early the next morning to translate it.  I felt like my legs had turned to jello while I was giving my talk.  And after sacrament meeting, Paul, one of the JA (who I am convinced thinks I have self esteem issues because h's frequently telling me how good of a missionary i am, but not in a creepy way), came up to me and said "Wow!  That was amazing§  You speak really good french!  I don't want to hear you apologizing for your french any more!"  I told him it took me an hour and a half to trnaslate a ten minute talk.  he kind of frowned and said "don't tell anyone else that."  he also said he wanted to give me referrals the whole time I spoke.  Excellent.  That was the goal.  In fact, he practically gave me one right there.

Life is good, God is great, I want to eat a piece of cake.


Off to the louvre (for reals this time, I hope).

Love love love love

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