Monday, October 18, 2010

You're still you

Hey, first off. Send this to Kit.  I don't know how but her email has dissappeared from my list, and I can't remember it.  SOOOO tell her I love her and that I will add her as soon as I can.  

SECONDLY:  Welcome Claire!!!!  The 12th?  Vraiment?  How did you all manage that?  And sadly, she has mine and dustin's chin.  Actually, i don't hate it.  But how do you congratulate someone on their chin?  Someday I will learn the art.

Oh.  My.  Gosh.  It is WINTER here in FRANCE.  Two weeks ago I bought winter boots for €60 (which is apparently a super good price).  Then today I was forced to buy a winter coat for the same price (which is also a good price because it is long and thick and warm; photos will be sent).  This week it got super duper duper cold and I was wearing a jacket and a sweater and socks and tights and boots.  I had been mercilessly mocking Soeur Lee the day before for pulling out her winter coat in october.  The next day she smiled at me and said "Are you ready to give in and buy a winter coat?"  I sighed (and shivered) and said yes.  So after going to the Louvre today, we went and did some quick winter coat shopping.  I hope this is the last of my winter clothing shopping.  

This week has been a bit of hell, I must say.  We spent our Pday in town just in Melun last week, and ti was nice.  We spent a couple hours visitng Fontainbleau, but nothing huge.  Tuesday we managed to fill up with RDV's, and Wednesday I had district meeting.  Of course, we moved district meeting from Tuesday to Wednesday because there was a public transportation strike, and the greve, or strike, was still going on on wednesday.  Guess what.  It's still going on now.  And guess what else because of that?  You can't buy gas for your car any more because THEY ARE OUT!! (some of our elders are stuck in paris because they can't buy gas).  I HATE SNCF greves!!  SNCF has a stinking MONOPOLY on all the public transpo, except the metro.  But we don't use the metro out in Melun.  We use SNCF.  SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTT!!!  Our goal was to teach 20 lessons this week, which is usually pretty manageable.  our actualy number: Ten.  I hate greves.  Plus it's been freezing, so we have been walking everywhere, and I didn't have a winter coat until now.

BBut I have little to no time left, so I'll just sum up my week as follows:

Met a rabbi in traning.  he answered all our suestions.  Such an interesting religion it is...

Went to mass because all of our transportation is down.

An old man with 7 teeth hit on me and so i explained what missionaries are and that we are all single.  A woman sitting next to us asked us about our church after he left.

I love Melun.  I'm glad  get to stay for a while.

Vive France!!!

love, Kacey

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