Monday, October 4, 2010

I often go walking...

Life is like a river.

Oh heck, I have no idea.  That's just what I'm saying today.  Conference was AHHHMAZING.  I loved President Packard's talk.  But, I just describe how conference went down.  Don't worry; I have visuals.

Conference for us is broadcasted differently because of the huge time difference.  We watched the RS broadcast at 4 PM this past saturday.  Sadly, it hadn't been recorded in English.  So we suffered through french.  Which is a shame, because, if you look at photo ONE, that is what the room looked like.  Yup, completely empty except for us.

Then, the saturday morning session was live, at 600 pm here.  BUT, after I fretted for two hours, we got to watch THAT in English!!
Photo two illustrates our snacky private "english room".  I got homesick watching something in English and knowing that half of you were watching the same thing at the same time.  Ahhh...

The next morning we attended the RS broadcast again (in french again) while the men watched the recorded priesthood session.  Then, at 2, we watched the saturday afternoon session.  And at 6 pm, we watched the Sunday morning session, which I watched the last half in french because we had an investigator show up.  And I don't get to watch sunday afternooon because it's at 1000 here.

I loved it though.  SO many answers to prayers.  Sorry my letter is short again.  I'll attach more photos of me jumping last p day.


Soeur Kacey Barros

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