Monday, September 27, 2010

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Behold, the afear of the Lord, that is bwisdom; and to depart from evil is cunderstanding.

That's Job 28:28

Tori, Léo told me that you added him on facebook.  He's a funny guy.  I love him and his whole family.

Not much to say this week.  My MTC chum is being transferred to be with my other MTC chum.  Soeur lee and I are together for another transfer and I'm super stoked about that.  I think we're getting our hair done by THE Loréal Paris people-- one of the members hooked SOeur Lee up six months ago, and she's hooking us up again this time.  It's next weekend.  It's free.  Yay Paris!

Learned a lot about myself this week.  Learned I have a lot of pride.  Also learned that I have a lot of potential.  One lesson that I have really really learned this week is that you can never really know why someone is the way they are until you talk to them; and even then you can't judge.  We found out that this inactive woman we've been trying to reactivate is actually trying to marry her mom's current husband.  Ha.  Wow.  We thought she was gold.  Then the Relief Society president that stresses us alllllllll out like crazy (because she's always stressed about something) actually has a family that doesn't talk to her, and all her in laws say that she is the blame for everything bad in their son's life.  She lives a hard road.  But she has a beautiful family.  We're comeing to help her iron this week before her in laws show up, and it kills her pride to let us come.  But she's too busy to do it alone, so we're going to help.  

I can't list all the lessons I've learned because I don't know how to express them quite yet.  So instead, I will send some Sacré-Coeur photos.  me and soeur lee at sacré- coeur

me asleep again on the train

Soeur Lee listening to the woman freaking out and sobbing in the apartment hallway.  Hahaha, that's actually a good story.  So we showed up early to a RDV and the lady wasn't there, so we ended up waiting for her outside her door, when we heard this woman weeping and wailing.  Seriuosly, that's the only way to describe it.  Then this little girl walks into the hallway and to her own front door, but stops to eaves drop with us.  Wow, this girl was pro.  She said "I know the daughter here, we play basketball together," as she knocked on the door.  Then she interrogated the daughter, but got nothing useful from her.  Then she covered the peep hole with her finger and stuck her ear to the door.  After her professional eaves dropping, we finally decided that someone in the family had died.  When the little girl went into her own apartment, soeur lee smliled and said "that was soooo french."  She's right.

Well, love to you all.  Better letter next week, I promise!!

soeur barros

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