Monday, September 13, 2010

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This week is one without words.  I have had a slow one, so most of this email will be pictures... if I can get this to work.

Number one-- normandie beaches; omaha

number two: the clouds in melun one morning.  Crazy crazy cool

me and mona in the Louvre

Okay, a little tidbit of a letter before I send another email with more pictures.

Life is good.  We've had a bizarre week, filled with sporadic RDV's and traj√© from Satan.  Let me tell you about Solo.  Solo is a Malagash man that the elders in Meaux sent to us.  We met him once and were just blown away.  He had met the missionaries in Madagascar and still had his principles of the gospel book.  He loves it.  He reads out of it with his family.  He still ha a pamphlet about Joseph smith.  He may know the history better than some members.  And we ghave him a BOM in French, but he asked for one in Malagash too.  "My children speak really good french, so they will appreciate this.  But I woul really love to have one in Malagash."  OKAY!  As we stood up to leave, he tells us how ecxited he is to RDV's with us at his home with his family, because he tells them that they are a family now, and they will be one after they die!  WHAT???!!!  THEN, this next RDV...  oh man, we thought it was doomed to fail.  We had forgotten the Malagash BOM in Paris at District meeting, and hadn't found two other members to teach with us (ah mission rules to keep us safe- his family was still out of town and we can't meet with men alone).  So we started our day taking the train into paris, picking up the BOM, taking another train back into Melun, trying to find Solo's apartment, and not finding him there.  We stood under the covering for trash cans because it started to rain pretty hard and my companion was already sick.  We called him and he answered saying he was on his way, he promised!  So we waited some more.  Finally he gets there, and we have to have the RDV in the hallway outside his apartment because he's still the only one home.  But we give him the Malagash Book of Mormon, and he got really excited.  "Thank you!  THank you!  I have something to show you!"  He goes into some room and bcomes back with an OLD family home evening manual in Malagash.  He said he uses it with his family too.  "I read in this book that the Gospel is preached in the life after this one to people who never got hear about it!  I believe it!  It's true!"  Uh.... what???  It was amazing, because we run into a lot of people who believe that there is no chance after this life to learn of Christ, even for the children in China who never heard of Christ.  But HE told us that he read it in a FHE manual and knows it's true!  Oh oh oh, it gets better... you see, we decided to give him another chapter to read, because he read the last chapter we gave him.  This is how it went down (but in French):
Soeur Lee:  Okay Solo.  Could you read another chapter before our next meeting?
Solo: Yes yes of course!
Soeur Lee: Okay, how about.... 3 Nephi-
Solo: Chapter 11.
Soeur Lee and Soeur Barros: ..................................... actually, yes.  That's what we wanted to give you.  How did you know?
Solo: The Holy Spirit told me.  I read it already.  But I want to read it again, in Malagash.

Yes, my family and friends.  He read the chapter we were going to give him because the Holy Ghost told him.  Wow.  This man is golden in so many ways.

And of course the rest of the week was same old same old.  Okay, next email will have more photos.

Just know...  I know that this church really is the restored church of Jesus Christ.  I know that I am literally a spirit child of my Heavenly Father.  I know that He wants me to be happy and that He has a plan for me.

Love love love,

Soeur Barros


me and my elders at the eiffle tower.  It was the first time Elder Draleau and I had seen it, and we've been in France for 4 months!!

me at the arc de triomph.  Wow, it was a touristy P day!  but totally awesome!!

soeur lee ahead of me on our way to a RDV  seriously.

and me walking away from the look out point in Nemours.

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