Monday, September 20, 2010

ladydadydadydaaaa dadydaaa dady daaaa....

That was the minuet in G for all of you who can't read Kacey singing.  It's okay.  Very few can.
yes, go bulldogs go!!  We have a member in nour ward who learned to love american college football on his mission.  I cornered him at church and said "Est-ce que vous savez qui a gangé la semain dernier?" (do you know who won last week?)  He smiled in shame (he knows that the team has gone downhill these last five years).  "Ouais.... Fresno State."  YES!  I KNOW!  "oui! Je sais!  Nous avons gagné!"  He laughed and said that he thought of me when he found out.  Halloaaahhhh!!!

The time is far spent....  I shall start with this weeks adventure:

I want everyone here to go to google maps and find the distance between Melun France and Bois les Rois France.  Then you will see what we WALKED in the WOODS along the FREEWAY.  Yes, this is a good story.
Soeur Lee was our navigator for the day.  We had a temple sqaure referral in Bois le Roi.  Ahh, Soeur Lee.  Well, Soeur knew that we passed signs for Bois le Rois when we took the bus to Fountainbleau, so she thought that it wasn't that far.  Her plan:  Walk toward Fountainbleau and find a bus stop on the way.  Well, we had been walking for about 30 minutes (which is normal) when Soeur Lee remembered another place she saw Bois le rois: on the train schedule.  Yes.  THe train schedule.  Hahaha.  Last saturday was such a day from trnasportation Hell that we decided to just walk it and see if we could make it on our own; after all, it was the first stop from Melun.  hahahahahaah.  First we see forest people that looked like hookers.  Seriously.  Soeur lee asked me why there were hookers in the woods.  Then she realized that they were actually people who slept in the woods.  Weirrrrddddd...  Then we walked past this old man who was peeing in the woods about 100 meters in.  Later he passed us on his moped and winked and made kissing sounds.  Only two cars with creepy arab men stopped and asked if we wanted a ride.  And after two hours of driving, we made it to the stupid referral, who wasn't even home, and his wife said she was super practicing catholic and that she didn't want us to come by.  OOOOOKAY.
Soeur Lee felt super bad.  I made her buy me a patisserie.  SHe wanted to document this.  So included are photos of me being unimpressed by our morning hike, and then me stomping through the mud.

I save soeur lee twice this week.  This man kept trying to hit on her on the bus.  I walked off very quickly, but he cought her and made her shake his hand (if you had a big scary african man sticking out his hand to shake yours before you could exit, you would too!)  I didn't know this was happening, turned around, and saw him clamped onto her hand and leaning in to kiss her, and her pulling her face back.  I walked calmly up, grabbed both of their wrists and yanked their hands apart and said "No no no."  he was so confused!  We got off without further problem.  On las monday this man was taking a picture with my companion and told her to kiss him.  I started yelling from behind the camera "C'est interdit! C'est interdit!"  It's forbidden!  it's forbidden!  Ah, I save her all the time.  But she's from Vegas.  She says she's used to it.  Teehee.  Our lives.

Now for my spiritual thought.  it happened last night.  We went to this inactive member's house to visit with her and her homebound mother.  When we got there, for what wethought would be a calm evening RDV, we saw that her bother and his four children were there too.  The place was crazy loud!  Then she insisted on making dinner.  Holy cow, this was not going how we planned.  AND THEN a frere from the bishopric showed up, and this man is on high stress ALL THE TIME.  his stress spreads to those of us around him like fire in dry brush.  I can feel my forehead wrinkle just thinking about him.  So we're just standing in the corner, trying to figure out what to do, when the frere tells us that he's there to give the mother the sacrament.  Oh.  really?  We are invited to stay in the room.  We sing a hymn, and then sit in the corner as we watched her middle aged son kneel at her hospital bedside and bless the bread.  Wow.  I mean.  Wow.  I can't tell you how strongly the spirit was in that room.  I thought maybe it was just because it was her son and that was touching to me.  But then when the frere knelt down to bless the water, I felt the spirit hit me again.  I can't describe it in any other way than to say that right then and there I knew that the priesthood of God is on the earth, and that I was witnessing a very pure and christlike practice of it.  it was amazing.  We all stood silently after she finished.  She struggled to say thank you (her motor skills are shot), and all I wanted to do was say "no, thank you."  Soeur Lee and I both looked at each other and knew what the other was feeling.  We whipped out our planners and wrote down our thoughts and feelings.  it was amazing.  

I love you.  I love this Gospel.  I know we have a Prophet on the earth.

Love love love

Soeur Kacey Barros

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