Monday, December 13, 2010

do you believe in miracles?

Or santa? I don't believe in Santa, but I'd love to right now.

I HAVE BEEN TRANSFERRED.  SO, stop sending mail to my melun address.  my new address is

Soeur Kacey Barros
Les Missionnaires
19, ave Albert 1er
59300 Velienciennes

Et Voila quoi. 

Another item of business:  because I have been transferred, i cannot make my call at the member's house that I was going to.  So, I can either: byu a phone card, or... if you have skype, Mom and Dad, I believe you can call my cell phone.  Other missionaries have had their parents call them, but I don't know if they used skype.  But, if you have skype and can make free international phone calls, like Dustin did when he was in europe, I'll give you my phone number and you can just call me and we'll chat the day away.  Sound good?  Tell me which option works for you.

here was my last week:
Blaise had his baptismal reccomend interview.  Blew the district leader away.  BLAISE IS SOOOOOO AWESOME AND ROKIN'!!!!!  Also, we went to the jewish quarter again and bought gifts for the Mission Conference Christmas gift exchange.  my comp bought a dreidle (the limit was 5€), and I bought a small book of psalms in French and Hebrew, as well as English and hebrew.  I kept the english one because french is a for sure langauge that everyone would know at the party.  Also, we found a "12 tribes of isreal" card game.  Sr Flood bought it and we played it.  I totally rock.

Teusday: All of our RDV's fell through.  All of them.  And I was experiencing a change of heart that day, so I was liek "hey, soeur flood... want to go knock on some doors for a while?" and she's like "yeah, let's do it!"  so we knock doors for an hour and only one person would talk to us, and she didn't have time then, so we fixed a RDV (that she didn't show up to).  So, at the end of our hour, sr flood and I were walking in front of these teenagers who had been folowing us for 15 minutes.  I was like "this is dumb" and turned around, heading back towards the church.  We passed em, and then spotted this little corner store.  my first thought was "I hope they have sugar, cause I want some," but I shot the idea down because I didn't actually need sugar.  Then my companion was like "Dude.  I wonder if they have Dr. Pepper.  In Belgium, the most RANDOM stores had Dr. Pepper."  For your knoledge, DR. Pepper is hard to find here, because it is imported, and my companion has a ridiculous affintity for it, thus we look for it everywhere.  So we end up going inside the store anyway.  The first thing they say after Bonjour is "Oh, it's the mormons."  Ah.  Awesome.  The man was kind of hostile towards us, but the woman was super nice and said "yes, they do believe in Jesus!  It's on their name tag!"  yes, it is.  Apparently she had met some elders in a different ville.  Then he started saying that we don't read the bibel.  ha.  I pulled my Bible out of my purse.  That put an end to his critisms.  Then he just asked questions.  She asked questions too.  And when we had established that Christ is the center of our religion, they pulled us into the back room and asked us to teach them about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith.  I am NOT joking, ladies and gents.  It was amazing.  They took the Book of Mormon and told us to pass by again, because they're going to read it and they want to know they can ask us questions.  We said, of course!  And they were so impressed by our knowledge of the Bible!  Well, that's because we believe the Bible to be the word of God as well!  We're going back soon.

Wednesday: Mission Christmas Conference.  It was AMAZING.  I got to see ALL of my MTC friends, half of which I had made cards for.  Then Elder Draleau gave me the funniest/ sweetest card I have gotten in a long time.  I read it later in the eveing when I was dealing with the less smart group of missionaries in the SNOW in Versailles.  Let me tell you that Versailles is NOT a town that knows how to deal with snow.  We were lucky to catch a train, because people in cars had to sleep in theaters and stuff because all the roads were blocked.  Anyway, attached is a photo that E.  Draleau and I took in the snow at the versailles chapel.  i think he was actually TRYING to look normal, so i figured it was family worthy. 

Thursday:  Exchanges.  We were hosting the Liège Soeurs, and it was quite the experience.  We had a good time, but a lot of things went wrong, as they usually do on exchanges.  I got to show Soeur nielson her first chateau (Fontainbleau), and then we headed off to our final RDV with Blaise.  It was the RDV where we passed him to the Torcy Elders.  It was sad and exciting at the same time.  I started crying, duh, and told him how happy I was for him.  Blaise has seriously been my little project, and it makes me so happy to see him making covenants with the Lord.  Then we went to a membver's house to do service, and she told us that going home from a mission is like HELL.  my comp, who is going home on Feb 2, had a breakdown.  Thank you members.

Friday.  I get a phone call from President saying that not only am I being transferred, but I am leaving a week EARLY.  yup, the sister I am replacing is going home this transfer, and the church has decided to send all our missionaries home a week early due to travling issues the week of christmas.  WHAT?!!!!  I had to run around and say goodbye all weekend, a week earlier than I thought I would have to!  PLUS, I STILL haven't gotten the package from home yet, so I might have to forward it, and I don't know how that will work.  On the off chance that it is sitting in Dad's truck and hasn't actually been sent yet, could you send it to Valienciennes?  merci!!  When did you send it, if you did already?

Saturday: Blaise's baptism.  NO ONE from the Torcy ward would come.  NO ONE.  I don't remember why, and I don't care.  And NO ONE from our ward had said they could come.  I must say I was pretty angry at the ward here.  I was so scared that Blaise would have no one but missionaries at his baptism.  Soooooooo I started to cry.  Nothing had gotten done, no one was coming, and it was partly my fault.  All my human weaknesses had ruined Blaise's baptism.  So I prayed, and told the Lord that I was going to have faith.  I did my best, and now He needed to make up the rest.  Blaise needed to know that SOMEONE besides half the missionaries in Paris cared about him.  And guess what?  people that I didn't even know knew about the baptism showed up.  Fernando, our DMP, even showed up.  There was a nice little group of 20 people showed up.  Funny thing is, I asked for twenty.
Maybe that doesn't sound like a miracle to you, but it was.  Not a person who showed up actually live in Melun.  They all travelled a distance to come.  And I know that it was by the Lord's power that it happened.

Well, that's all for now.  I gotta go.  Enjoy the photos!!

And that's our mennorah that we made.  yay us!!

Soeur Barros

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