Monday, November 29, 2010

THe sun'll come out...

Who knows when.

Life could be easier, that's for sure.  But it isn't killer.  Not yet.   HAhahaha, give it time.

KIT/  You didn't reply.  Thus, I am picking out your christmas present.  Tant pire, ma soeur, parce j'en ai marre d'attendre.  Vraiment.

So, on a positive note!  The zone activity/ turkeybowl went really really well.  We started off by christmas caroling in a large square in paris.  We looked pretty legit in our dark winter coats and sunday dress, and we didn't sound terrible.  Although one man told us that we sounded like we were singing for a funural v(stinkin elders can't keep a good tempo to save their lives).  Most of us sang while four of us contacted.  It went very very well, and a otn of people stopped and listened and even more people took photos and clapped.  A homeless man gave us two paintings he'd made to accompany us because he liked it so much, and then he stood on the other side of the square and echoed our "gloria's" from "angels we have heard on high"  Haha, I loved it.  We'd be like "Glooooooooooooooooooooria."  and he's sing "GLORIA!!!" on the other side.  Teehee.  It was awesome.
Turkey bowl rocked.  I only got thrown the ball one time, but I managaed to catch it.  I was so surprised that my companion, who was on the other team, had time to come up and tag me out.  And then i got the other team's quarterback like three times.  It was awesome because he's one of the more...mmm... proud elders in the zone.  It was nice to get him out, especially because i was the least coordinated sister on the field.  ahahahahaha!!!

We also found out that our baptismal date actually lives in another ward, but because of timing, we're doing a giant switching circus.  Haha.  And then we had a crazy lady tell us last sunday that she never actually believed in the church (btw... she's a member), and that she's still Muslim, so she believes that Jesus was only a prophet.  But she prays to the virgin mary.  But christianity is dumb.  But she also belives in the pope because "he prays a lot".  Ahh, gotcha.  But she believes the Book of Mormon is true.  Yesss, now we have got a whole spectrum of contradicting beliefs.  I thought it was..; ehh, a typical visit.  Then yesterday our ami told us that she now hates the church because there was a family that was her friend but they don't ever reach out to her anymore.  Let me tell you, the audience, that she has done NOTHING to contact them either.  But "that's not her responsablilty".  Then she said she found the bishopric to be like the phariseans in the bible because they wore suits and ties and had their eyes closed and praying, even after the sacrament.  Personally, I think they were sleeping.  And I, me, Soeur Barros, did NOT say hello to her.  She came the same day we had the four baptisms, so whe had ten non members and five lmess actives there, plus I have to be the ward pianist for EVERYTHING, so I was busy with that.  And even with all those people to greet, my companion still managed to come and talk to her for a while.  But taht was not enough.  Then she blew rasberries and told us that after twenty years of studfying with the church, she can hardly believe the first vision.

Great.  Let's start over, shall we?

Then, last night, there was an anti mormon broadcast sent out all over france, saying that we are polygamists (which we aren't) and that we are a rich and powerful "organization" (they refuse to call us a church here).  yes.  This is my life.

Sooo, I just want to end by saying, No.  Christ wasn't just a prophet.  He is the Son of God.  He atoned for our sins.  And it is only through Him that we can ever find joy.  This I know.  I don't just believe it, folks.  I KNOW IT.  And yes, Joseph Smith truly was a prophet.  he was called just like all the other porphets in the bible.  Funny how God doesn't change.  WE are the ones who change!!  That's why we STILL have a prophet on the earth!  Not to control us, but because GOD LOVES US.  I wish I could shout that to the whole world!! GOD LOVES US!!!  And it makes me sad... it makes me sad that my beliefs are mocked, and yet few come to defend us.  i'm sad that people tease me and my comopanion because they think we're blind followers and paid by the church to be here.  The church is NOT paying for missionaries.  We are volunteers.

I know it's true, family and friends.  I know it is.  And that's why I'm here.  I'm not here in France to eat baguettes and pastries, and to see cool museaums.  Sure, I get to do that.  But... I'm here because I know God lives.  I know that His Son is my Savior.  And I want to help others find that comfort as well.

That's why I'm here.

That's why.


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