Tuesday, November 16, 2010

il est né le divin enfant

Yesterday, my companion and I went to the Jewish quarter of Paris and visited the museum of jewish history and art.  It is actually super close to the chapel in Paris ,and was VERY cool.  Then we went dreidle and mannorah shopping, but the mannorah's are expensive.  I may save little by little to buy one, because I really really want one.  Really really.  But then we had an early RDV last evening, thus we had to do emails today.  Et voila quoi!

Before I forget: DAD.  You still owe me your conversion story.  Just start with how you met don and then the missionaries, and I will accept that for now.  But the best christmas present you could give me would be to type up and email me your convcersion story.  Thank you!!!

JANET ANDSERSON:  I wrote you a letter like two weeks ago and realized that I don't have your address.  Could you send that to me?  Merci!  Oh and Ryan speaks Dutch, right?  my new companion is from the Belgium/ Netherlands mission, and has a long CD of Dutch Christmas songs.  It is probably one of the most bizarre things I've ever listend to.  And yet, I ask her to play it frequently...

Today we taught french to an indian woman.  One of our elders who is from France came to help us because he was the one who introduced us to the lady.  He taught us a very romantic phrase they say in french, but you ONLY say it if you REALLY like the person.  It is: J'irai décrocher la lune pour toi.  It means, I will go get the moon for you.  Sweet, right?

Well, new companion.  And life is... different.  I bawled when I had to send Sr Lee back to the states.  AAhhhhh, I love her.  SOOO much.  But the new comp will be good too, I can tell.  I LOVE teaching with her, and that is ALWAYS a good thing.

So, my stupidity for the week:  On wednesday I had what we call "naked time", meaning, waiting around by yourself for the new companion.  Well, I dropped the phone, and knocked out the batterie.  Then I accidentally put in the wrong PIN code three times (I was ALMOST right the last time) and then I was completely blocked.  The office elders were driving people from city to city all day, so by the time I got to call them it was late, and they didn't have the code (I called from the church).  Thus, until thursday morning I didn't have a phone, and I only had three appointments that day, and the three we had were miracles;  God still loves me, even when I do stupid things with the phone.

Well, hopefully more next time.  Nothing super eventful I'm afraid.

Keep praying for my investigators here.  They are my life and my light.  Blaise, Solo, and now Solo's son Antonio.  he's Joe's age, which makes me even more excited for him to meet the gospel.

I love the Lord, and I know He loves me.  I know He's there.

I love you.

Soeur Barros

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