Monday, November 8, 2010

We can be heros...

forever and ever!!!!  We can be heros!!!!!!

Ahh, life.  I am going to try very hard to remember interesting things that happened this week, but I just started the new planner, thus all my notes are in the other one.  Ummmm... VERSAILLES IS AMAZING!!!  We only had a couple of hours, so we decided to go to just the gardens last week.  What a gooooood choice!  The gardens are freaking gorgeous in the fall, and the fall is my favorite and life was just... good.  The first photo is the one SSoeur Lee and I love the most.  Sorry it's not all the gardens.

THURSDAY we set a BAPTISMAL DATE with BLAISE!!!  Oh this kid is on FIRE!  On decembre 11 he'll be getting baptised.  WOwee!  I was so greatful to see that I'm staying in Melun for that.  Also, on Thursday, Solo introduced us to his brother.  He asked us to explain the base of our church to his brother.  We started, and then he interrupted us.  "Who pays for you to be here?"  Ah, I love this question.  "We do.  We're volunteer."  "I know, but who pays?  The church?"  "Nope.  Us and our family.  And if we can't afford it, the church members help."  We then explained how our church leadership is ALL volunteer and that no one is paid for their work in the church.  So he asked"Why are you here?"  "To teach about Jesus Christ and invite others to come unto Him."  "Hmm...." he said.  "So, what you are are His disciples," he told us.  "You're doing what He told His disciples to do."  Exactly!  That's exactly why we do it!  But he got called to work and left in the middle.  After he left, solo confided in us that he is hoping to lead his brother to this church too, because his brother followed him from catholosism to being a protistant.  Oh Solo.  he also told us that the wife is coming home before Christmas, and when she gets home they are going to have a serious discussion about his decision to be baptized.  What a golden man he is.  When Sr lee told him that it was her last RDV with him, he got very excited for her.  "This is not goodbye!!  There is no such thing as accidents or mistakes, and I KNOW that God sent you to me!"  Then he looked at both of us and said "When we all stand before Jesus, I'm going to point to you both and say 'THESE are MY missionaries!  These are the ones you sent to ME!'"  I've never been claimed like that before.  It made us both want to cry.  But we said our goodbyes and moved on.

Friday was pretty uneventful.  So was Saturday.  Well, I had a super cool spiritual insight on saturday, but it is very specific to me, thus makes very little sense to anyone else.  But I know that Heavenly Father really listens to my heart and my fears and my prayers.  Sunday was a tough one, saying goodbye to everyone with Soeur Lee.  We had some amazing final RDV's and she only cried three times (don't be fooled; three times is a lot for soeur lee.  seriously).

I attached another photo.  It's of me and soeur lee and blaise.  Oh he's amazing.  He came to church and asked if my next companion will be as nice as me.  I told him not only that, but shes shorter and funnier than me.  he doesn't believe me.  Ahh, he'll see...

And then TODAY.  We went to L'Oréal Paris today to be hair models.  We were twenty minutes late because they changed locations, but that worked out just fine.  What happened is that it's this three day internship type deal for professional hairstylists, and they sign up and pay to do this thing with the "Mozart of Hair".  Well, soeur lee and I got to be the models for it.  There were about 15 people seated in a little room, and two of l'oréal's people there to do us over.  The hair mozart man was there too.  He's super cool.  The female stylist pciekd sr lee because she has thinner hair, and I'm glad because she was the less experienced one.  BUT she died Sr Lee's hair red again, and I really wanted to go red.  I also got my hair dyed, but the man who did mine was the teacher for the morning session.  He washed my hair, trotted me out to the group and started cutting.  Sr lee's haircut was explained, and then they went to the back and did her's in the back room the whole time.  So, in front of this group of people, hair starts FLYING off my head.  Oh man, he took off a bunch of my hair.  I don't actually care about that though, because I'm not super attached to it.  And then he started describing my bangs.  he's already told me about it in the back, but he finished his description to the group with "It's very rock and roll what I"m going to do."  Uhh.... what??  Sister missionary here!!  I'm like a nun!!!  But he did a super good and super cool job.  It's way edgier than I thought it would be, but why the heck not?  How often does Loréal cut your hair... for free?  Then he colored my hair in front of the group.  He was doing it to teach technique,k so my color is almost exactly the same.  But he kept saying 'platinum...platinum...  I'm putting in platinum now..."  UHHHHH WHAT????  Later I discovered that platinum was the glaze, not the color.  So, for all of you to see, this is my new hair.  And he stained my shirt.  Jerk.  Ehh, it cost six euros.  And I definitely got the super cute haircut.  plus, it looks very european in a ponytail.

Well, I'm about to start another transfer with a very different companion.  Pray for me.  Pray for Blaise.  Pray for Solo.  And pray for Gaetan.  Oh!  He got confirmed on Sunday!!  It was very touching!  He went and bought a sports jacket and a shirt and tye so that he could look his best.  What a sweet man!

I love you.  Keep swimming!  

Love, Soeur Barros

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