Wednesday, November 24, 2010

et voila quoi...

This week.  Wow, I don't know where to...oh actually I took notes, hold on.

OH YEAH!  PARENTS and or MICHAYLA!!  I had a BRILLIANT thought.  So I want to talk to Michayla during this christmasy phone call, and I don't actually know how that would happen.  But I could get permission to make my phone call on New Years eve or new Years day, then I could talk to alllll of you!  I would still have to call in the morning your time because of the time difference, but if that's too soon after kayla gets home, then i'mm just call on Christmas.  Let me know ASAP what the best for you would be.

Tori: tell me more about animal handling.  I sometimes feel like that is what living in France can be like; at least on public transportation.

KIT: I have your name for Christmas, but i do NOT know what you want.  reply ASAP because next week is my last P day before I hope to send off the christmas package.

I am glad Harry Potter is good.  There are posters ALLLLLL over the place.  I found a free newspapeer on a train last night, with a good picture of the trio, and I took it home.  I call Elder Draleau Elder Ron as in Ron Weasely.  So for his christmas card (I'm going to see the WHOLE mission at christmas zone conference!!!  Everyone from the MTC is getting a card from me!!!) I am going to cut his face out of a picture and glue it onto Ron's body.  Hahahahahahaha!!!!  I'm sorry, you probably don't care, but I just think it's BRILLIANT!

I had Thanksgiving last night at our local American family's house.  They ordered the turkey a week ago, but when it arrived at the butcher shop, it wasn't frozen.  So they moved thanksgiving up two days.  Which is perfect for us because we have rendez vous on thursday.  It was super yum with sweet potatoes and rolls (american rolls, yumm!!) and turkey and cranberries.  Very very nice.

I'm sorry I don't have much to say again, but I had a lot of emails to read this week and we are pretty booked today.  We have to go hunt down some people in the boonies of our area.  It takes 45 minutes on bus to get there.  And we are getting the table that a member gave us (because ours is junk) when she moved away, today, and then we are cleaning someone's apartment before they move in, and then we are passing by a few other homes, and then we have ward council.  yes, a very booked day.

Well, I love you, and I'm excited to send home the christmas package.  Oohoooohhh it is soooo good.  And tasty, yummmmmmmm!!!

I want you to know, though, that I know He's there.  Even in the worst parts of life, He's still there.  And you don't have to be hard on yourself.  One thing I am learning this transfer is being super hard on yourself only makes life suck and others not want to be around you.  

Well, home again home again, jiggity jig.

Sr Barros

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