Monday, February 16, 2009

St. Valentine's Day

I completely expected my V-day to be horrible. But all in all, a good day!

It really started the day before when Daddy called me and told me to buy some flowers and candy and send the bill to him. I went to the Plant Shop on campus because I wanted a potted plant and not a vase... I've been wanting a potted plant for a while.... I saw the most BEAUTIFUL arrangement of tulips (my absolute FAVORITE flowers!!), daffodils and hyacinth and it called my name.... Kacey... Kacey... you know you want to take us home!!! So I did. Here are the flowers that Dad bought me:

Pretty, right? Yeah, I thought so. (He has good taste, what can I say?)

My V- day activities continue the next morning as me and my roommates went swimming (As usual), then my whirly girls went on a sleigh ride with the ward... I didn't feel up to getting exposure, and I really just wanted to read my book and nap. So I did. I talked to Pam (yay!) and then had a great friend-date.

We had a pizza bakeoff. Benjamin was in IF judging a contest so he was running a little late, but it was fun anyway! Justin and Kaeli made the REAL pizza, and I (Benjamin was used for inspiration since he couldn't make it there yet) made the dessert pizza. We got some pictures of the process, but we didn't end up getting too many pictures of the pizza-- we devoured them!

This is Benjamin, Me, Justin and Kaeli after the first pizza was pretty much demolished. You can almost see my fruit pizza behind me, but it's okay. I'm glad it got eaten too fast to get a good picture.

Here's me and Benjamin chattin after dinner... probably about boys... it's what we do.

Later that night, since it was Beck's 21st birthday, we had virgin margarita's and daquiries. I totally had a margarita-- salt on the rim and everything!! All the pictures from that are on Beck's camera, who isn't my roommate, so you'll have to deal with my "hangover" picture. I had just woken up from a nap after church, and I thought the blender with two straws in it as well as quesadilla's (which I have been told make GREAT hangover food) made it look like the perfect scene.

So that was my weekend so far. Awesome, right?

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Allan J. said...

What great flowers! I will ahve you pick out all of the flowers in the future. Good Job!

Raining like crazy here. Got Grandma's kitchen completely gutted and Willie will start up the reconstruction on Tuesday. We are all very excited.

I hope that I can post this thing properly.