Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Substance and Emotional Abuse

I've been having a hard time in one of my classes this semester. Health Psych has been kicking my trash. I didn't know how bad it was until I checked my midterm grade and it was an F. I freaked. After talking to my professor (he says I can still get a C, no problem), I went home with a renewed sense of action. I studied hard and long this past weekend for my next test in that class. Once I felt fairly confident, I marched (drove) over to the testing center (holocust gas chambers) and took my test. Surprisingly, I still felt confident while taking the test! I knew this stuff! Studying works!


Funny story. I waited for my score and it popped up on the screen just outside the exit, as usual. And guess what it was: 65%. I wanted at least a 75%, but no, I got 65%. I spent the rest of the day being gloomy and sad, crying over a test score.


I show up to class on Monday, as usual, but the class is overly agitated. Apparently, everyone got a crappy grade. Even the stuck up rude boy that sits next to me said he failed the test. One girl complained to the professor, and after closer examination, he realized that the answer key had gotten about 10 questions wrong. I felt more anxiety scoring the test right there in class than when I actually took it. Guess what? I GOT A 77%!!!!!! I didn't suck, I wasn't stupid, and my score went up significantly!!!


And that's my academic miracle story for today.

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Deidra Smith said...

Whew! Glad to hear it turned out better than you first thought. Good job with the studying-I was never so good at that. I'm afraid to admit I was a total coaster-if I ever go back and get my bachelor degree i just don't know if i'll make it:)