Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"We're war veterans! We're allowed to be mad!"

Laurel, I stole that from you because it absolutely made me giggle for twenty minutes. My goal is to spread it throughout the world and bring giggles to all the poor people in India.

That almost made sense.

I find my lack of motivation astounding.

I work with far too many attractive, funny, nice, and all around good guys. Makes life interesting to say the least...

Since I've decided to get back on the mission path, it's been increasingly difficult to motivate myself to find a date for this weekend. My roommates and I planned (sorta) this group date for Saturday, and now I have to find someone. But, as is typical Kacey fashion, I have recently rid myself of any options. Yes. That's life.

I'll be fine. Just gotta get the gumption to do it!


laurel said...

Haha! I just BARELY saw this. I'm so glad you stole my quote *giggle* I kind of miss you a lot! I'm sorry about not being able to find a date. I've decided I just wont meet the eye of any man, and then I don't have to worry about it at all. Besides... good mission prep, right? :D

Kacey Kate said...

touche mon amie, touche. je pense que tu es correct.

gotta love my franglais!