Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Because I already took the class...

I have been feeling somewhat guilty about my lack of blogging lately. Just been busy doing nothing, I guess. But I do have some funny things to share.

First off: School. I had a bit of a situation with a grade this summer. I checked my transcripts and saw that one of my grades was a D-.

What. The. Heck.

I knew I had gotten a C, and I worked my big fat behind off for that C. I cried a lot, called around, e-mailed everyone I could, and then... waited. Of course, my teacher was on summer break like the rest of us, but I wanted him to get back to me fast!!
Three weeks pass before I hear anything. Four weeks, and I finally get a response. My teacher grades my missing assignment (which went missing because of the computer system, not me), and submits my grade. I check my transcript the week before this semester starts and there it was, for all to see. My hard earned C. SCORE!

SO, what this means is I can graduate this December. YESSSSS!!!!!!

We met my new FHE brothers. I can sum the experience up in one word: Ridiculous. Four of them are RM's with bad attitudes, and two are the uberest superest youngest pre-premies I've ever met. Honest. And one is what I like to call "Mentally Disturbed." But, perhaps he's actually brilliant. Here's an example of his brilliance, as I am not in the mood to complain thoroughly about him right now. Okay, so example:
One of the boys was talking about how he is a physics major. My roommate asked "What are you going to do with that?" and he responds "I'd like to be a research scientist." Mentally Disturbed jumps in, as is his trademark I've noticed, and says "What, like curing cancer??"
Okay, so I don't know about you, but there really isn't a huge connection in my mind between physics and curing cancer. Tori didn't get it either, and her response was, "Well, I think you'd find a cure for gravity in physics." I told my mom the story, giggling the whole time, and she burst my bubble. What she said can be summed down to:

"What do you think Chemo-therapy is? It's physics!"

Well now I feel like a bit of a jerk.

But not really.

I'm off to my class right now, so I'll hopefully update more later!!!



Deidra Smith said...

For some reason I was thinking you were saying you would already be done with school when that grade was fixed. I guess I was a little confused. So . . . you're still here in town. you and Tory need to come over this weekend. Kylie is going to be in town. Comment back on my blog if you're interested.

Random Coolness said...

Not chemo-therapy---radiation and stuff. I look like an idiot silly girl. But after the last two tests, looking like an idiot would be an improvement.

Kacey Kate said...

Oh yeah, RADIATION. Sorry Mom. Mis-quote!!!

Brandon and Sarah Barros said...

Hey :) I'm changing our blog address from to because I wanted to take our last name off our blog. Anyway, you'll have to update your friend list with our new url so you can see our blog. Thanks!

Random Coolness said...

dosn't radiation kill you? Mabey it turns some people into super heros!