Tuesday, September 22, 2009

For the man who looks good in a tree piece suit...

This post actually has nothing to do with said man, but he's been on my mind, so it's dedicated to him.

Ah. Life. It's been kind of hectic lately with homework, a job, and trying to socialize even a little bit. Thanks to e-mails and cell phones I'm still talking to some friends, so that's nice. However, while reading Dustin's HILARIOUS "365 stupidest things ever said" calandar, I thought of a cheery little post I could write. The following are little things that cheer me up when I'm down or too busy to laugh. Enjoy!

"Smith, head of pubic relations..."
--Madera Tribune

"I feel my best when I'm happy."
--Winona Rider

--the web address for "mole station nursery". Honest.

Tech Guy: How fast does your modem go?
Customer: It's not going anywhere, it's just sitting here!
--actual call to customer service

"Have the kids shot for Dad from $24.95"
--actual ad in a newspaper

And here are some of my favorite signs:


Brandon and Sarah said...

lol. These are pretty funny...you know you said "tree" piece suit right?

Kacey Kate said...

HAHAHAHA no I didn't, but isn't that so appropriate????

Tara Barros said...

haha, that is funny that you didn't mean to put that because I just assumed that you were being really witty. I thought it was witty. :)

Karen said...

Is this a new guy? Who is he and why does he wear pieces of trees? Not just the leaves I hope but maybe some bark or branches...The bacon still cracks dad up. I wonder if we could find that sign for christmas for him?