Friday, November 13, 2009

Out of my world...

You know those days that life is just... down?

Welcome to my day.

And, to top it all off... I just realized, once again, how NOT upper class I am. Like these two tutors stand here and talk about things, and I can't help but feel slapped in the face with my middle-class status. Sorry, I don't really care about Apple's new store. Sorry, I'm going to stress about paying for my car repairs-- Mommy and daddy don't pay for everything. Sorry, my wardrobe is limited, and I'm too nervous about paying for things to get quarters for laundry.

And in case you didn't catch that-- those were sarcastic sorrys.


Kristen Moss said...

Kacey oh kacey. I really do miss you! I wish we could hang out and laugh like old times. I wish we could sit in my crappy appartment and eat food together. i wish you could see how big my one and a half year old is.

I really do miss you. (not rexburg though.)

Kacey Kate said...

Oh gosh, I don't miss rexburg either... probably because I still live here. DANG IT!