Friday, April 23, 2010


We've talked the whole night through. Good mornin, good mornin to you!

I never know where to start with these things...

Okay, before I forget, AGAIN, Tyler Reist is here with me.  I've had a friend arrive each week that I was at the MTC.  First was Me.  Duh.  And then it was Jenny... and thenTyler... and then Nyssa.... and now Michelle.  So that's been fun.  Nyssa is actually my voisine (neighbor) here.  It's rockin.

MOM AND DAD.  I PROMISE there is a tape coming to you SOON!!!  I have a special musical number prepared by my zone to record for you, but they refuse to do it until SUnday.

Speaking of special musical numbers, you have to audition to do one for a Fireside or Devotional or even Relief Society. They are held every thursday from 10h to 12h, with the MTC music coordinator and President Smith (the MTC mission president)'s wife.  An elder, Elder Portwood, in my zone/ branch came up to me on Wednesday and asked if I would accompany him playing the violin.  I'm like "Choutte.  I'll do it!"  I looked at the music and gasped a little in my head.  "Uhmm, is this for sunday?" I ask him.  "I was actually thinking for auditions tomorrow."  THen I laughed.  Hard.  Glancing at his face, I realized he was serious.  "Oh.  Well, let me try to play it later tonight and I'll tell you if I can do that."  He shrugged and said "Cool.  If not, we can just do it for church on Sunday."  I nod my head and say "Sure."  Well, I couldn't master it by the next morning, nor could I fake it (which is my specialty--- and hey, if you had three 16th note runs in every measure you'd cut half of it out too).  So we played it on Sunday.  And we rocked.  So on Wednesday night, like two days ago, he's all "Wanna audition this thursday?"  I did.  We go into auditions and sit quietly while the old lady version of the American Idol judges talks to the previous auditionees.  We notice that all the people in the room are elders from our zone.  I knew they were preparing a musical number, but I hadn't heard it yet.  Well, I'm glad we got to auditions early, because it was AAAAAMAZING.  Oh my word, I could NOT wipe the smile off my face.  And like three of my favorite elders were in the group, so I was even prouder than a mom at a T-ball game!  The spirit was so strong as they sang, all 8 of them, acapella "Beautiful Savior."  It gave me such chills.  And the time they are preforming is during a devotional for NEW missionaries, so if I hadn't heard it then, I never would have.


SO next it's mine and Elder Portwood's turn.  The old lady AI judge person said our names, just to make sure she could pronounce them, in case we passed auditions.  She said "Baaahh rose?"  And I said "That works."  And she said "I want to know how YOU say it."  Well, I've been saying it with the Portuguese pronunciation for almost a year now, so I told her "Bah hose." (two r's make an H sound in portuguese-- ah the joys of having brazilian roommates).  The old lady judge, and President Smith's wife both jump up.  "YOU'RE PORTUGUESE!!!" they shouted.  Sis Smith said "I haven't heard that name in AGES!"  ANd old lady judge said "OH!  I can't believe I didn't remember that pronunciation!"  Then I told them my family was from the Azores and they got so excited.  My nerves went away, and we played well.  We'll be doing a musical number in about two weeks.  I don't know if it's devotional or Fireside yet.

Life is good.  Elders can be dumb.  I got really mad at all of them this week.  There is a sister missionary here that allllll the elders think is hot, and I believe part of that is because she wears extremely tight clothing.  Well, I heard one, FROM MY DISTRICT, say something about her.  Ohhhh, you don't talk about sister missionaries that way, I don't care how tight fitted her clothing is.  I whipped around and said "If I hear one more thing like that come out of your mouth about a sister missionaire, ESPECIALLY that one, you'll live to regret it."  I didn't yell.  But I think I had death in my eyes, because he hasn't said anything like that around me since.  Thought, her flirting doesn't help much.  Have chairty, Kacey.  Have charity.

The spirit has been so strong lately.  We have a fake investigator that we make appointments with and teach in French.  Our first appointment was HARD, mostly because we crammed and didn't really prepare.  This week was GREAT: the spirit was strong and we started to really get to know him.  Soeur Wood and I spent our entire companionship study time trying to figure out how to help him.  OH my gosh it was great.  We also discussed how our district has become really passive agressive and it's because the person we all have bad feelings for will NOT take criticism, so we just sound dumb when we try to fix the problem.  We decided, as the only sisters in the district, that it was our job to set an example.  Some elders look up to us, and when we're passive agressive, they are.  We know that as we show MORE charite and less agression that the atmosphere will greatly improve.

I love you all SOOOOOOOOO much!  I wish you could hear everything I have to say!

Those who wrote me this week:  THANK YOU!  I'm writing letters back today!


Here's my address:

Sister KAcey Barros

FRA-PAR #85 0525 (don't forget that last part.  I've been getting heck for it from the mailroom)

2005 N 900 E

Provo UT 84604

Soeur Barros

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