Friday, April 30, 2010

Tell me the stories of Jesus... April 30 2010

I have a few matters of business to attend to:

premierment- this shift button sucks.  so if my lack of capitalization offends, don't blame me.

deuxiem- thank you so much for the letter, aunt annette.  it is the only one I've gotten since last thursday.  YUP.

troisiem-- mom and dad-- my tape is in the mail.  it's a micro tape, so be aware.  but IT'S COMING.  I do love you.  I promise.  I put a lot of tiem and effort into that tape.  please love love love it.

and four--- I just read michayla's letter.  I don't have a first name either, anymore.  I dreamt that a boy I used to date was dating me again.  And he kept calling me soeur barros.  and I never corrected him.  because that's my name.  CASE in point: I have an elder that comes to me and says "tell me a story about a girl named suzy," or "tell me a story about a girl named ashley."  I love this game.  So one time, Elder D was in on our game.  His companion asked me "tell me a story about a girl named..............." and Elder d said "Kacey."  I was so weirded out by that.  He knew me on facebook before we came here, so he remembered my name.  But it was weird to hear someone use my name.  Even weirder from an elder.  But I still love my letters sent to my first name :)

This week has been crazy.  Why?  Because I've learned how to teach with the spirit.  A lot of these experiences are too sacred and too long to write in an email, but I will try to give you a sample:

Elder know-it-all?  Well, we all started excluding him.  He called a meeting right after I wrote last weeks email, and he sat there and cried, telling us how hard he was working to be part of our group.  It touched me so much.  I made room for him in my heart.  the next night, our teacher Soeur Roubicek (who is from clovis and goes to ben pitman's ward.... CRAZY) had us all write down serious questions we had about life.  No one thought these questions would be read, but when she started explaining the activity, we all panicked.  We were each going to get one "randomly" and we were going to pray and use scriptures to answer the question of our classmate.  I got elder-know-it-alls.  And I was SOOOOOOO excited.  I prayed, and I studied scriptures, trying to follow the promptings of the spirit.  By the end of prep time, I stil didn't have an answer.  But I had faith.  So it came my turn to teach elder know it all, and that's when it all got amazing.  As I shared the scriptures with him, the spirit became super strong, teaching me things I hadn't known before.  As I spoke, the answer to his question came out of my mouth without me even realizing it.  He sat there and cried, saying I was an answer to a prayer.  I knew it too.  And I wouldn't trade anything for that experience.  I later spoke with my teacher, and she started crying too.  She said "I knew which one was his.  My first thought was "Give it to Soeur Barros."  And then I was like "UHHHHH no!  Those two hate each other!"  But then I felt it again.  So I gave you his.  And as you taught, I KNEW the Lord had set this up.  He KNEW you were the one who needed to do this."  And we both cried.  Later, elder know it all (his name is Smith, actually) told me that no one else could have delivered that message with such force and humility.  And that he loves me (as a sister) because everything I do is a testimony of the Lord.  WHAT????!?!?!?!  We used to HATE each other!  But now, I can't even remember what that felt like.  I can't even IMAGINE what it felt like to hate him.

Another time, we taught our teacher.  Not while she played a role, but it was her.  And we did it in French.  I can't remember what I said, but I remember that my thoughts were clearly expressed.  And that the spirit was there.  And we taught her needs.

Next was the TRC (where we teach actors who speak our language).  It was our first time in French, and it was amazing.  We taught things we hadn't prepared in French, because the spirit told us to.  They asked about my Dad's conversion story, and I told a lot of it, IN FRENCH.  I've never told his story in French!!!  WHAT????

It's amazing.  I love it.  I can NOT WAIT to get to France and teach people with the spirit.  I know that the Lord knows what everyone needs, and that if I'm humble and serving Him, He will lead me to those who are ready.  he will tell me what to say.

I love this gospel so much.  It's sooooo true.  I have felt my savior's love all week, and I'm trying to do everything I can to keep that feeling.

Pray for me.  I feel your prayers and your love.

Love love love

Soeur Barros.

PS--- DAD!!!!!!  PLEASE write down your conversion story and send it to me!!!  The one I told was a very brief and edited version, but I really really want the whole thing.  I love you.  Do it.  Kay thanks!

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