Sunday, May 13, 2012

Wild wild wild days...

I was just rereading my blog and I realized that I post quite frequently about my dreams.  Which reminded me that my trainer on the mission and I would keep track of our dreams.  We would sometimes base our finding on our dreams.  Our theory was, if we showed Heavenly Father that we would TRUST inspirations from dreams, then He would give it to us more often.  CASE in POINT:

One morning, during studies, we shared our dreams.  She dreamed about Winny the Pooh and dreamt about BENJI SHELTON, one of my ex's (and still friend).  I was like, "Why do I dream about Benji on my mission?"  (I must say, though, that there were three Benjamins that I dreamt about at least once a week on my mission.  Benji was one of them.)  Anyway, so I tell her that I don't know what it means, I just dreamt about Benji.  So, later we're porting (porte a porte = door to door tracting, porting for short) and we had decided only to knock on the doors that we FELT we should knock on.  We were in a neighborhood by an investigator, and didn't have much time.  Anyway, so one of the houses has a car in the driveway with WINNY THE POOH hanging from the rear view mirror!  I said, "Soeur!  YOU HAVE TO KNOCK ON THIS DOOR!"  So she did.  The guy who answered it was nice, busy at the moment, and said "I'll be back around two, but I have to leave now."  So we came back at three (we missed our tram).  He was just pulling into his driveway.  We ended up having an entire first lesson with him.  And guess what... his name is Benjamin.


Anyway, I love dreams.  Some of my favorite stories that I've written come from dreams.  And some of the saddest experiences I've had were spurred by dreams.  When Ben Pitman dumped me, for that whole week between the end of our relationship and the wedding day, I dreamt about him every night.  And every night the dream was that he apologized and asked me to marry him.  Every night his method was different.  And every morning, I had to tell myself once again that the man I loved didn't love me anymore.  And that he wasn't going to marry me.  And that he didn't actually come back to me like I had dreamed.

Like I said earlier, I dreamt about three guys named Ben pretty regularly on my mission.  IN ALL FAIRNESS, I didn't call one of them Ben for a long time.  AND IN ALL FAIRNESS, for half of my mission, one of those Ben's was in my district, and I frequently dreamt about my districts.  Once I dreamt that my mission President allowed all of us to go to the braderie, or a giant swap meet thing, in Paris.  I run into my whole district: Elders Moyes, Bishop, Draleau, Weed and Soeur Lee (of course).  Draleau for some reason shuns me, I get angry, but then discover a plot to destroy the world.  We all put aside our differences, and everyone nominates me the leader after I have the brilliant idea to swim with the undertow.  Trust me, that requires an explanation that no one needs.  Then we bring this little five year old along because he has super powers and he's going to help us save the world.  How?  By walking around the arctic circle! 

Totally not lying.

Bref.  So we try to save the world but then the little boy gets captured by the CPS, and I promise him in French (because he only spoke French) that I'll come back to get him.  Then everyone in the district tries to console me, and Draleau explains why he shunned me in the beginning.  Can't remember anymore why he did... but he did. 

OH MY GOSH.  I totally dreamt once that I was MURDERED because of Elder Draleau!  Sorry Ben, but man, this story cracks me up.  I dreamt that Draleau was supposed to pick me and my companion up from the train station in Paris (which in real life was kinda true).  But he never showed.  So I had to take the metro, got seperated from my companion, then a bunch of muslim boys murdered me.  And then Narrator Kacey was like  "Wait.  I'm alone.  Why am I alone?"  Then I realized... Draleau hadn't picked me up.  SO my dream rewound itself and Draleau picked me and my comp up on time.

THE BEST PART IS: I sleep talk.  So my companion who had insomnia heard me shouting "I'm alone!  Why am I alone?"  then I muttered: "DRALEAU."  So the next morning I got asked why I was sleep talking about an Elder.  "What's going on between you two, Soeur Barros?"  And my response was, "That was not an affectionate thing.  I was PISSED."

BWA HA HA HA!!!  There was this big rumor going around that Draleau and I had a more than friends relationship (not true), so I thought he would get a kick out of that story.  When I told him, he said, "You're not helping our cause, Soeur Barros."

Bwah hahahaha!

Shouldn't have left me to die then, eh?
That is the type of dreams I would have about these boys.  Oh wait, except the one about Benji that CRACKED me up.  SO I was at this party at my Grandma Carlee's ranch (so many of my dreams take place there), and Benji comes up to me and is like, "Kacey.  I miss you.  Let's make out later."  And Dream Kacey is like "........ uhhhh, okay."  Then a bit later, before the appointed time, I was like, "Wait.  I don't want to kiss Benji. I don't like Benji anymore.  I'll have to tell him that I don't want to."  Then, towards the appointed time, I was like  "WAIT A SECOND!  I CAN'T EVEN THINK ABOUT KISSING BENJI!!  I'm still a MISSIONARY!"

Yes.  It took my entire dream to remember that.

Teehee.  I giggled about that one.  Dream Kacey can be so daft sometimes.  Especially on my mission.

One more Ben dream... I've got to include The Original Ben.  Hahaha, rhymes with The Original Sin.

But that one... that one is not to be shared.  It's ... personal.  Ha.  Me calling something personal enough to keep private.

Dreams crack me up.  One time Tori dreamt that these two people she hated came to her party or something and she got super mad and yelled "GET OUT!!!" at them.  Only... in real life, she yelled at me as I came in late that night and.... threw a pillow at me. The next morning she had no idea.  I told her how I kept still for like five minutes I was so scared that she was angry at me.

Kit speaks tongues in  her sleep. It's super creepy.

Tori's just hilarious!

And Lacey and I would wake up in the middle of our sleep conversations.

And Kim heard me say some incriminating emotions in my sleep once.  And once I declared that I was schizophrenic.  I guess I yell a lot in my sleep.  But then, Soeur Didier did too.  Gosh that girl has volume while she's unconcious.  And I love her for it.

Keep dreaming everyone!  Keeeeeeep dreaming!

"If we shadows have offended,
Think but this, and all is mended,
That you have but slumber'd here
While these visions did appear.
And this weak and idle theme,
No more yielding but a dream,"
-- Puck, A Midsummer Night's Dream

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