Saturday, September 15, 2012

No matter how you heart is dreaming, if you keep on believing...

The dream that you wish will come true.

Heavens help us if last night's dream comes true.

Had another crazy dream. I went on another mission. To Las Vegas. Apparently Vegas is north of Reno in my dream, and you take a train to get there.  I get on with my family, and when I report to the mission home I see a TON of my Paris Missionary Bud's, including Elder Draleau and Soeur Cope.  Soeur Cope was great, hanging around me, helping me get used to stateside missionary work.  She also told me about this big conference that we have where we pick which color Power Ranger we are.  Uhm, what? Yup, that's right.  I found out that all the "missionaries" that were with me were all RM's, and this whole "2nd mission" thing was a cover for our REAL mission- Power Rangers. Ohhhhh yes.  I tried to be the pink ranger, but Cope said she already picked that one.  So I was the Magenta Ranger. Slightly less cool.  Anyway, there were four of us in this helicopter at one point, me, Draleau, Cope, and some other elder, and our job was to jump out of the helicopter into a raging river.  Oh heeeeeck no.  I screamed and said "NOT ON YOUR LIFE!" so they slowed down over a small lake and we all hopped out.  I did a sweet dive while wearing my amazing pink swimsuit (I really do love this swimsuit, it has now made two distinct appearances in my dreams) and then we got to work: we were infiltrating this sketchy company.  While undercover as tourists, we discovered why this company was so sketch- they kidnapped people and harvested all their organs!  And stuff like their arms and feet and shiz like that! In fact, all the employees had at least one limb missing, and their prosthetic limbs were all crappy.  By the time the tour ended, I figured out that the main source of the organs were tourists, just like us.  That was confirmed when I saw that Draleau was missing. I told the group that I was bookin' it back into the factory to find Ben (Draleau). But the group tried to stop me because I called him Ben, which obviously meant that we had an inappropriate relationship.  I tried to remind them that none of us were actually missionaries, and that it didn't matter what I called him because all his organs were going to be harvested! The group then got into this debate about how lame my animal was-- a dolphin, can't say I really liked my animal either-- but I told them to stuff it. Cope came with me and we snuck back into the factory.  We found Draleau and started to sneak him out right when I woke up.

C'est fou ca.

Anyway. So. I'm sitting here on Michayla's computer because mine crashed.  Just like my CAR! Ha. Hahahaha. Yup.  I just shelled out $680 to fix my car.  Well, luckily Mom and Dad lent me a big chunk on that money, but still.  Doesn't that seem excessive? obviously not because my computer wanted to crap out too.  But oh well.  At least it lasted as long as it did.  And my car has much more pep than before, which is good.

Thanks to all who replied to my last post.  It has helped me.  In fact, I am still dating afore mentioned guy.  We'll see what happens.  I dunno.  I just get SUCH anxiety about dating.  It's been this way since my mission when Heavenly Father gave me an unsolicited Denial.  I'm like, "What if that happens again?  Why should I date if God could at any time say, 'nope, not that one'?"  Why?  Because that's what dating's for.  There was this one time I was talking to Ben, yup the one from my dream, and I was expressing this same anxiety.  And  he laughed and said, "It seems you have finally figured out the purpose of dating."  Indeed.  And it's fun, right?  Not just anxiety ridden?  Yes.  Yes Kacey it is.  Remember, it's been nearly six weeks that you've been going on dates with this boy.  Don't discount the fact that despite all your doubts, you still like him enough to keep dating him, and have awkward DTR's and putting yourself out there because you don't always understand his cultural issues.  Yup.

Anyway.  That's my post for the day.  I hope you enjoyed.


Sarah said...

I was so obsessed (but terrified) of the Power Rangers when I was little (like 5/6ish) that when I got a new baby doll for Christmas I named her Kimberly after the Pink power ranger! She is one of two dolls I have kept and will never get rid of! Even after having chopped off all her hair and she now, permanently, wears a bonnet!

And I'm glad I'm not the only one with craycray dreams. The end.

Dyanna Stephens said...

Wow Kacey... you have some crazy dreams... and good luck with dating, it can be fun.