Wednesday, September 26, 2012

So that's why I came home giggling....

Today's cast of characters is:

Just FYI- these aren't their real names. For confideniality reasons, I can't use their real names. 


Linda (one of my coworkers): And that's all I have to show from Japan.  Now we're going to talk--
Tom: About SAFETY!
Linda:... No, Tom, we're not going to talk about safety. We're going to talk about Japan some more.  But thank you for wanting to be safe.
Tom: Let's do a fire drill!


Karen, an SRC coordinater, walks through the lunch room yesterday.  Tom yells "Have a good Christmas!"  Cassie, one of my coworkers, looks over at Tom.  Tom smiles and says, "Have a good Halloween!"  Cassie says, "Yes, Tom, that one is a little bit closer."


Sam tries to cuddle with me while we wait for the bus at the end of the day.  He used to walk away every time he saw me.  Now we're BFF's.


I sneeze while standing by my table.  20 feet away, and from inside the bathroom, Betty yells "Bless you!"  Twice.


Lydia was getting in another individual's face.  I walk over to break up her obvious tyraid.
Me: Lydia, you need to go sit down.
Lydia: He has lots of girlfriends, you know.
Me: Oh really.
Lydia: Oh yes.  I stepped on the bus and found one!


This one needs a little preface.  At work we have small whiteboards on our bathroom doors.  We write the initials of the individual that is in them and the time they entered.  We do this for several reasons. 1) so Staff can see from across the room if the bathroom is taken. 2) Staff can deduce about WHEN the bathroom will open up. 3) So we don't forget an individual in the bathroom. 4) So we know where each individual is at all times. 

Well, Mike, my boss, was walking through the area and saw a small line for the bathroom.  Someone hadn't erased the last individual's initials off the door, so it looked like she was still in there... half an hour after she went in.  Mike, a little irritated that an individual had the bathroom for 30 minutes, especially when there is a line, shouts, "JANICE D. IS STILL IN THE BATHROOM?"
"YUP!" Janice D shouts.  From right behind Mike.  HAHAHAHAHA!  I nearly wet my pants.


Lydia: I feel like a tire going round and round on a wheel.

What does that even mean?


These are the pompom chickens the guys at my table made.  Awesome.

Yes.  Tom picked the smallest head and the biggest googely eyes to go with it.  And Bill is my big friendly giant, it's no mistake that his yellow chicken actually looks like him.


Whenever Bill leaves the bathroom without washing his hands, I immediately tell him to go back and wash them.  This morning, anticipating my interrogation, he sees me, smiles, and turns right back around into the bathroom.


Betty asks me what I'm doing tonight.  Every two minutes.  I've never felt more pressure to have a social life in my entire life.

Anyway, just a few  fun experiences from this past week.  I love my job.

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